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Semiconductor CMP

Semiconductor Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Semiconductor Market

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) has become one of the vital processes in the production of semiconductor devices, which uses slurries and pads to polish/planarize the surface of wafers to near defect free surfaces. 


CMP is becoming more and more important to IC manufacturers as the size of ICs shrinks and their complexity increases.  CMP not only allows smaller ICs to be made, but it also helps to improve chip speed and performance.  


IC manufacturers must planarize each surface layer of a wafer to make it smooth and leveled for the next layer being deposited via microlithography.  The CMP step is very challenging, especially in the fabrication of metal interconnects where planarization of two more dissimilar materials in the same layer is required. 


Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' Specialty Abrasives offers patented alumina and ceria particles to be used in metal slurries for the planarization of the tungsten, copper and aluminum thin films.  Saint-Gobain is a leader in nano particles technology for the metal slurries.  We offer particles of varying hardness, density, shape, purity, and size to maximize MRR and yet controlling defectivity and selectivity during polishing.  Our technical knowledge and experience in the submicron and nano particles gives our customers a peace of mind knowing that they can expect consistency and reliability from batch to batch.  By implementing and utilizing statistical process control (SPC) methods in our manufacturing processes, we take every measure to ensure that our process is very closely monitored, which allows us to see and correct for out of control/specification situations before it happens. 


Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' Specialty Abrasives technical scientists and engineers are available to answer questions, customize products, and make product recommendations pertaining to your abrasive needs for metal CMP slurries.  



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