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NanoSoft Alumina Slurry, 9297

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Product Code: 9297

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' NanoSoft Alumina slurry is an aqueous slurry of transitional phase alumina particles.  The soft alumina particles are a mixture of delta (δ) and theta (Θ) phase particles manufactured under tightly controlled environments to Nano Slurries, 9297 SEMensure product consistency from batch-to-batch. 


Our soft alumina slurry has shown that when used in select chemistry packages, it can provide good rates and selectivity for Cu CMP applications with superior defectivity performance.


The hardness of this particle is slightly lower than an alpha alumina particle, which may be a desirable property when it comes to minimizing defectivity or scratches.  Although our current product (9297-50NMS) is currently manufactured to 50nm, Saint-Gobain has the capability to customize morphology, size, and hardness as needed.


9297 soft alumina particles come dispersed in water and pH adjusted for stability.  Our current 50nm product, in its fine nanometer particle size distribution, is supplied fully dispersed and stable.  Our finest soft alumina particles are transparent, and they have lower turbidity compared to some colloidal silica slurries.




The rounder morphology makes our soft alumina particles look more transparent similar to gamma (γ) alumina.  Potential applications are:

  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor CMP
  • Optical / Ceramic polishing
  • Fillers for clear coating and paints
  • High purity transitional phase soft alumina particles
  • Fully dispersed and stable slurry
  • Transparent, almost colorless
  • Lower turbidity compared to some colloidal silica slurries
  • Provides high MRR and controlled surface finish
  • Can be re-circulated to maximize life
  • Tightly controlled particle size distribution
  • ISO Certified to always bring consistency to Quality
  • Ability to customize products for any specialized applications
  • Knowledgeable application engineers available for technical support