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Polishing Pads

io-4000 Polishing Pads

Polishing Pads

io-4000 Series

io-4000 series pads consist of seven types ranging from polyurethane and polyester types with different sizes, surface textures and laminated constructions.  Careful pad and slurry selection is imperative for maximum system performance, and we can assist in the recommendation of the appropriate combination of products for polishing applications.


The io-4000 series, depending on type, can be used for final polishing for virtually all solid materials (hard through very soft), pre-polishing/conditioning and general non-critical surface finishing.


  • Provides fast MRR on hard substrates that require diamond or alumina slurry for polishing
  • Provides excellent flatness, comparable to plate and pitch polishing
  • Extremely hard pads available -- similar to polyurethane pads
  • Highly durable and long-lasting performance
  • Excellent polishing repeatability