Saint-Gobain Abrasive Particles

Nano Slurries

Nano Slurries Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials offers a range of nano particles made from alumina, ceria, colloidal silica, SiC, and zirconia.  Many of our products are well recognized and accepted in the high tech industries for our discrete sizing capability and purity.







Choose from the following

Alumina Submicron Polishing Particles, 7956

Sub-micron polishing slurries are calcined aluminum oxide particles (99%+ purity), designed for use in electronics and industrial polishing applications.

Nano Polycrystalline Alumina Slurry, 92930.10MIC

High purity seeded gel alumina in which the fundamental crystal size is less than 75 nanometers.

NanoSoft Alumina Slurry, 9297

An aqueous slurry of transitional phase alumina particles.  The soft alumina particles are a mixture of delta (δ) and theta (Θ) phase particles manufactured under tightly controlled environments to ensure product consistency from batch-to-batch. 

Polycrystalline Alumina Polishing Slurry, 9240 and 9245

An aqueous slurry of alumina in which the fundamental crystal size ranges from 50 to 100 nanometers.

NanoSiC Polishing Slurry, 9272

An aqueous slurry of hexagonal 6H structure SiC crystals in which the fundamental crystal size is 100 - 200 nanometers. 

NanoSiC Polishing Slurry, 9273

Synthetic abrasive has outstanding hardness to maximize cutting rates while reducing the subsurface damage layer on work pieces where compared to harder abrasives.

Nano Zirconia Polishing Slurry, 9839 180NM

An aqueous slurry for nano zirconia in which the fundamental crystal size is approx. 180 nm.