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NanoSiC Polishing Slurry, 9273

Nano Slurries

Product Code: 9273

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials'  NanoSiC Slurry is an aqueous slurry of hexagonal 6H structure SiC crystals in which the fundamental crystal size is 100 - 200 nanometers. 


This synthetic NanoSiC abrasive has outstanding hardness to maximize cutting rates while reducing the subsurface damage layer on work pieces where compared to harder abrasives like diamond, cBN or B4c.  The chemical inertness to most Nano Slurries 9273 SEMacids and bases, in combination with its excellent heat and abrasion resistance, makes SiC very suitable for extreme polishing conditions.


9273 NanoSiC particles come dispersed in water and pH adjusted for stability.  T his pure form of NanoSiC can be used to effectively polish wafers in Semiconductor and Compound Semiconductor applications.   These highly engineered particles are designed to be compatible with most water and emulsion based chemistries which makes them very user friendly and adaptable to complex slurry formulations.


9273 has successfully proven that it can polish sapphire wafers of different orientations and can  serve as a highly efficient polishing abrasive to a broad range of other materials in metals, crystals and ceramics.




NanoSiC slurry shows best results in CMP polishing of silicon, sapphire and SiC wafers.  It is also suitable for other ceramic based substrates.

  • High purity NanoSiC slurries
  • Readily available in commercial quantities
  • Provides fast MRR and controlled surface finish
  • Can be re-circulated to maximize life
  • Tightly controlled particle size distribution and oversized particles
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • State-of-the-art QC to assure  consistent performance
  • Ability to customize products for specialized applications
  • Easy-to-clean with commercially available alkaline cleaners
  • Knowledgeable application engineers available for technical support