Saint-Gobain Abrasive Particles

When studying the material microstructures to examine the consistency of material manufacturing, an in-depth lab work is needed to characterize the structural integrity of the material through proper metallographic specimen preparation.  Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials offers a wide range of polishing Abrasive Particles, Suspensions and Compounds, Lubricants and Pads to assist and accelerate the specimen preparation process. 



Abrasive Particles

A wide range of polishing abrasive particles, suspensions and compounds, lubricants and pads.

Suspensions and Compounds

A full line of suspension slurries for rough polishing and fine polishing.

Lubricants and Thinners

A complete line of lubricants and thinners used with metallographic polishing products.


A full range of polishing cloths and pads to the metallurgical industrires.