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Suspensions and Compounds

Metallurgical Suspension Slurries and Compounds

Metallographic Suspensions and Compounds

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' Specialty Abrasives group offers a full line of suspension slurries for rough polishing and fine polishing. 


Our suspension slurries come fully suspended in waterbased or waterless mixtures, which produces high material removal rates and superior surface finishes.  All of our suspension slurries, alumina or diamond based slurries, are manufactured with tightly sized distribution of particles that have passed our rigorous inspection criteria for coarse particle control.  Our suspension products have been engineered to be compatible with most slurry dispensing systems, utilizing a spraying mechanism through a nozzle to apply the slurry.


Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' suspensions are manufactured and inspected in an SPC controlled environment to ensure product consistency from batch-to-batch.  We rely on our quality control measures to prevent product defects and non-conformance.  We rely on our quality control system to win our customer’s trust one batch at a time. 



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