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Metallurgical Metallographic Pads

Metallographic IO Pads

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' Specialty Abrasives group supplies a full range of polishing cloths and pads to the metallurgical industries worldwide.


A broad selection of pad types and sizes are available according to customer needs.  Our pads come in varying hardness, which enables our customers to choose the appropriate pad type and hardness to better control surface roughness and flatness during polishing. 


When our recommended pad and suspension slurries are used together, you are more likely to observe an improved performance than if you were to just randomly select a pad and slurry to do polishing.  Our laboratory experience in designing, developing and testing with our products may provide valuable guidance to our customers in making the right consumable selection.  How you select your consumable polishing set can ultimately translate into valuable time and money saved.  



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