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Lubricants and Thinners

Metallurgical Lubricants and Thinners

Metallographic Lubricants and Thiners

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' Specialty Abrasives group offers a full line of lubricants and thinners that can be used with our metallographic polishing products. 


The lubricants and thinners are 100% compatible with our abrasive powders, suspensions and compounds.  We offer water based, oil based and alcohol based lubricants to address the sensitive working environment in which the specimen samples can and cannot tolerate. 


Our lubricants and thinners are specially formulated to be compatible with most abrasive types and suspensions.  The majority of our lubricants are based on biodegradable chemistries designed to provide maximum lubrication, while helping to dissipate heat and clean off residue during use.  Our experienced chemists and technical engineers are available to recommend and customize any chemical packages together for the metallographic application, including cleaners and grinding coolants.



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