Saint-Gobain Abrasive Particles

Abrasive Particles

Metallurgical Polishing Abrasive Particles


Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials offers a wide range of polishing Abrasive Particles, Suspensions and Compounds, Lubricants and Pads to assist and accelerate the specimen preparation process. 


Sub-micron/nanometer alumina particles are available for polishing of most metals and plastics, and diamond powders are available for lapping and polishing of hard ceramics or hardened metals.  For polishing of softer materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, our alumina particles may be most suitable for the application. 


We also offer a line of colloidal silica slurries for specimens requiring a softer abrasive to achieve a super finish on a pad.  Colloidal silica is a chemically active abrasive that provides a dual polishing action, mechanical and chemical, by creating a reactive work surface before abrading the reactive surface away. In polishing softer glass type materials, we also offer zirconia and ceria powders.


When studying the material microstructures to examine the consistency of material manufacturing, in-depth lab work is needed to characterize the structural integrity of the material through proper metallographic specimen preparation. 



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