Saint-Gobain Abrasive Particles
Markets and Uses

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' Specialty Abrasives provides highly engineered nano particles, chemically optimized slurries and vehicles used in general lapping and polishing applications.  Select from the markets and uses below for more details.



Polishing abrasives and polishing compounds for clear coat polishing, to products for deburring and lapping of seals and piston rings.

Compound Semiconductor

Many different types of semiconductor substrates, as both elemental and compound substrates.

General Industrial Lapping and Polishing

A wide selection of abrasive powders, slurries and concentrates.

Hard Disk Drive

Engineered abrasive particles from very coarse mesh sized stones to very discretely sized nano particles for the HDD market.


A wide range of polishing abrasive particles, suspensions and compounds, lubricants and pads.

Optical Glass

High purity and discretely sized abrasives and slurries for the optical industry. 

Plastic Lens

New line of plastic lens polishing compounds for the ophthalmic industry.

Semiconductor CMP

Patented alumina and ceria particles of varying hardness, density, shape, purity, and size for CMP.

Wear Resistant and Protective Coating

E-Powders and submicron alumina slurries are widely accepted and used in the industry as fillers for wear resistance and protective coating applications.