Saint-Gobain Abrasive Particles
Specialty Abrasive Product Categories

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning's Specialty Abrasives is a leading manufacture of abrasive particles, slurries, and vehicles for a wide range of lapping and finishing applications.  The product categories below represent highly engineered nano particles used in the electronics/semiconductor industries to chemically optimized slurries and vehicles used in general industrial lapping and polishing applications.

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Alumina E-Powders -- A wide selection of sub-micron E-Powder particles with controlled purity levels to meet the needs of our customer’s demanding applications.
Automotive Polishing Slurries -- The unique composition of extremely small and high agglomerated strength crystals enable very cost-effective polishing processes to be established.
Ball Bearing Polishing Slurries -- CRE slurries and E-powders that allow our customers to control their own processing time while maintaining their critical surface finish requirements.
Calcined Alumina Slurries --Norton CRE water or oil based slurries, fully suspended, rust-inhibited and made from tightly sized precision alumina or fused Al2O3 grain.
Industrial Lapping and Polishing Slurries -- A wide selection of abrasive powders and CRE Slurries (water and oil-based slurries) designed to be effective in most industrial lapping and polishing applications.
Lapping Vehicles and Lubricants --Water-based and synthetic-vehicles and formulated synthetic, semi-synthetic and waterless lubricants.
Nano Slurries -- A wide variety of materials and particle sizes for use in polishing applications.
Norpol Polishing Slurry --A unique composition of extremely small alpha alumina crystals used in the manufacture of precision optics and other glass materials.
Polishing Pads -- Polishing pad types including the io-1000 series non-woven, textile pads (rayon and acetate fibers in a binder), io-2000 series fiber-based and resin treated (polyurethane) and io-4000 series enhanced polyurethane pads.
Zirpol™ Powders -- Grains synthesized globally by Saint-Gobain in powder and slurry form for the most demanding glass polishing processes.
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