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Polishing Pads

io-1000 Polishing Pads

Polishing Pads

io-1000 Series

io-1000 series pads are a non-woven textile (rayon and acetate fibers in a binder) with a nominal finished thickness of 0.028 inches with a tolerance of ±0.002 inches.  The face of the pad has been buffed to enhance flatness on polishing substrates.  A wetted pad can expand up to 25% in thickness while maintaining its surface uniformity and parallelism. 


It is recommended for use in polishing hard materials such as ceramic, optical glass, and crystals.  This pad was designed to provide rapid stock removal while achieving superb surface finishes.  Recommended for use on most abrasive types such as diamond, aluminum oxide, colloidal silica, and ceria.



Highly recommended for polishing soft materials used in:

  • ophthalmic glass polishing
  • fiber optics
  • optical lenses
  • crystals
  • Provides fast MRR on hard substrates that require diamond or alumina slurry for polishing
  • Can produce surface roughness as low as 5Å
  • Provides excellent flatness, comparable to pitch polishing
  • Highly durable and long-lasting performance
  • Excellent polishing repeatability