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Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' (SGCM) Specialty Abrasives has been a leader for many decades in developing engineered abrasive particles.  Our fields of expertise ranges from very coarse mesh sized stones to very discretely sized nano particles.  Our technical knowledge and experience in the submicron and nano particles gives our customers peace of mind knowing that they can expect consistency and reliability from batch-to-batch.


By implementing and utilizing statistical process control (SPC) methods in our manufacturing processes, we take every measure to ensure that our process is very closely monitored to prevent excursion (out of specification) situations.  Our products in the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) industry are respected for this very reason.  


SGCM offers calcined aluminum oxide particles (99%+ purity) for use in electronics applications both in HDD and semiconductor applications.  Our submicron and nana alumina particles are manufactured and suspended in an aqueous state to prevent agglomeration formation during the drying process.  They are offered with only a minimal of additives for optimal dispersion and suspension.  Our alumina particles are available to our customers in its most pure state so that our additives won't interfere with our customer's chemistries.  Our alumina slurries are also available as concentrates to help mitigate the high cost of transportation.


With continuing advancements in HDD media and GMR recording heads, where recording heads are now flying Angstrom heights above the media, abrasive particle size control becomes ever more critical.  Our alumina slurries play a key role in preparing the HDD media with extremely smooth surfaces to allow maximum areal density, which can ultimately improve recording capacity.


Saint-Gobain's technical scientists and engineers are available to assist, customize, and make product recommendations as you face greater challenges in lapping, polishing, and texturing.  



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