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E-Powders 134r

E700 Alumina

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' ultrafine spherical shaped alumina particles are the latest advance in ultra fine powder technology.  This value-added product is manufactured via our patented E700 polycrystalline alumina processing technology and results in fine spheres with a crystal size of 150 to 250 nanometers (0.150 to 0.250 microns). 







  • Magnetic media filler:  Video tapes, audio tapes, data storage devices
  • Polishing abrasive
  • Structures:  Metal matrix composites, ceramic bodies


Ultrafine Alumina Powder for Advanced Functional Filler Applications


E-Powders Capacity:  Saint-Gobain's experience in sub-micron and ultra-fine powder manufacturing spans 30+ years and during such time period, several million kilograms of abrasives were sold into markets from video tapes to semiconductor applications in Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP). 


Magnetic Media:  In magnetic media applications, E700 powder is particularly recommended for 8mm video formulations.   The alumina additive in the media's surface layer allows for a reduced dropout count due to the gentle, continuous cleaning action to the magnetic heads.


Polishing:  The spherical particle shape and tightly sized distribution of alumina particles in the E700 makes it an excellent choice for high precision polishing applications.  This product is very well suited to the high demands of polishing many types of glass, plastics, metals, including ferrous metals, copper, tungsten and other noble metals.  In addition to a powder form, this product can be supplied acidic or basic in an aqueous suspension.  Furthermore, a ready-to-use slurry can be custom designed with the support of our R&D and applications lab.  The roundness of this particle is highly designed by the semiconductor, and optoelectronics applications requiring good removal rates and low defectivity.


Structures:  In structural ceramics and metal matrix applications, E700 is recommended where ultrafine spherical particles are required for the highest product strength possible.  In using E700 for alumina structures, 95% density in pressureless sintering is possible at less than 1300°C.  Higher densities are achievable with the introduction of pressure during sintering.  Further, the fine crystal size of the E700 is retained during processing.