Saint-Gobain Abrasive Particles
Sub-micron Calcined Alumina Powders

E266, E300, E330, E390, E440, E500, E600

E-Powders 134r

Alumina E-Powders:  E266, 300, 330, 390, 440, 500, 600

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' sub-micron E-Powders are calcined aluminum oxide powders (99%+ purity), designed for use as a functional filler to enhance the properties of a product. 


In Magnetic Media applications, users report a reduced drop-out count due to the gentle, continuous cleaning action to the magnetic heads from the alumina additive in the media's surface layer.  In structural ceramics and metal matrix applications, product strength is significantly improved using the sub-micron aluminas.  Saint-Gobain offers a wide selection of particle distributions and purities to meet the needs of your particular application, or a custom-engineered product can be made, if required.



  • Media filler:  Video tapes, audio tapes, data storage devices, ink jet media
  • Polishing abrasive
  • Thermal management additive
  • Frictional additive
  • Wear resistance additive
  • Metal matrix
  • Structural ceramics




Product Reference
Alumina E-PowderProduct CodeD50%

Importance of Size Control and Analysis


Ball Bearings, EPowders SEMParticle size distribution is the most important aspect to consider in using an abrasive additive.  Size control in the sub-micron range requires sophisticated processing techniques.  It has become increasingly important as finer and more precisely sized ingredients are required. 


Accurate size analysis is also critical to insure that products meet established specifications.  Great care must be taken during the size analysis procedure.  Particles in the sub-micron size range tend to be attracted to each other, causing agglomeration to occur.  Size curves will give misleading results if a sample is not adequately dispersed.  The material will appear coarser than it actually is.