Saint-Gobain Abrasive Particles
Calcined Alumina Slurries


MCA-590 Lapping Vehicle and Lubricant

Product Code:  MCA-2225A

CRE MCA-2225A is an oil based slurry that can be used straight as an oil based slurry or used as a concentrate by diluting it with water based coolants.


MCA-2225A can be diluted with water based coolants at a ratio of 1 part slurry and up to 10 parts water based coolant.  MCA-2225A was developed specifically for polishing ball bearings.  It is designed to deliver maximum MRR, while minimizing scratches and bringing luster to the polish.


This slurry is safe to work with and complies with EPA and OSHA safety requirements.  All slurries are made using highly refined powders that have tight sizing, high bulk purity, and high surface purity.



  • Lapping and polishing of metals and ceramics: ball bearings

  • Provides fast MRR and controlled surface finish
  • Excellent dispersion properties to minimize agglomeration in solution
  • Soft setting properties for sizes finer than 2µm
  • ISO Certified to always bring consistency to Quality
  • Ability to customize products for any specialized applications
  • Available in both ready-to-use and dilutable concentrate form
  • Compatible with most lapping abrasives (SiC, alumina, diamond, B4C, zirconia and others)
  • CRE lapped metal parts can be cleaned easily with commercially available alkaline cleaners
  • Knowledgeable application engineers available for technical support