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Seals and Piston Ring Lapping

Automotive Market, Deburring and Lapping of Seals and Piston Rings

Automotive Piston Rings

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' Specialty Abrasives group offers a wide range of proven products for deburring and lapping of automotive seals and piston rings. 


With increasing demand for lower cost parts in the highly competitive automotive market, product consistency and process efficiency has become a very critical element to survival in the entire automotive industry.  Understanding the competitive nature and needs of this industry, Saint-Gobain has become a trusted supplier of lapping and polishing slurries for many decades.  We have engineered many products to maximize performance and meet critical tolerances with minimal performance variations. 


We also pay close attention to other factors such as operator handling and safety, ease of use, environmental disposal concerns, easy cleaning of parts and machinery.  Our products are developed with our customer’s overall process needs in mind because all these other factors, when ignored, can lead to process inefficiency and productivity loss.


Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' technical scientists and engineers are available to answer questions, customize products, and make product recommendations to help you maximize performance and process efficiency.   



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