Saint-Gobain Abrasive Particles
Alumina E-Powders

E-Powders 134r

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' E-Powders are calcined aluminum oxide powders designed originally to be used as media fillers in coating video tapes, audio tapes and other storage devices.  However, over the years, we have discovered that our E-powders are very versatile products that have multiple uses in other areas, such as automotive polishing, metal polishing, wear resistive coating, and thermal spray applications.


Saint-Gobain offers a wide selection of sub-micron E-Powder particles with controlled purity levels to meet the needs of our customer’s demanding applications.


E266, E300, E330, E390, E440, E500, E600

Sub-micron E-Powders are calcined aluminum oxide powders (99%+ purity), designed for use as a functional filler to enhance the properties of a product. 


E700 polycrystalline alumina processing technology results in fine spheres with a crystal size of 150 to 250 nanometers (0.150 to 0.250 microns).