Specialty AbrasivesSaint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, Specialty Abrasives is a leading manufacturer of abrasive particles, slurries and vehicles for a wide range of lapping and finishing applications.  Our products range from highly engineered nano particles used in the electronics and semiconductor industries to chemically optimized slurries and vehicles used in general industrial lapping and polishing applications.


With our in-depth knowledge in abrasive particles, chemistries, and applications, we are committed to supporting our customers to achieve manufacturing excellence with our products.  With continuous investment in R&D, we strive to design innovative new products that may ultimately translate into greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings for our customers.   Furthermore, our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications and our approach to SPC controlled manufacturing.


Specialty Abrasive products are actively used in specialty applications requiring surface treatment and conditioning of materials.

Specialty Abrasives, Eco-Friendly


Specialty Abrasives is an eco-friendly company.  See our certification announcement ISO 14001:2004 

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